Lower secondary School English Language Teacher Training

Master's Degree Programme
major and minor

Combined Students Information

Students studying in combined form will only have classes once every two weeks (or less often if there are holidays). In between, students are expected to work on their own (mainly through online courses) to make up for the lack of contact hours.

Students are expected to do as much work and to learn as much information as students who study in daily form, even though they have half of the contact hours. Attendance at classes is not compulsory, but missing a class is not an excuse for not knowing the information discussed during that class.

Because of the limited amount of time during the contact days we have a system of block optional courses for this (all the courses starting with the code AJ5 are taught in blocks). What this means is that there are certain classes that only meet twice a semester – once at the very beginning and once at the very end. Each time, the class will take place over 5 hours – usually either from 8 – 13 or from 14 – 19.

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